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    The newest report in IRBfocus quickly pinpoints
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    Designed for bail agents, Watchdog
    scouts your list of people currently
    on bond and instantly alerts you if
    they get arrested.

IRBfocus Works for You

Our customers work everywhere, and so do we. IRB's new platform, IRBfocus, works everywhere. Your laptop? Check. Your tablet? Yup. Your smart phone? Absolutely. You don't need to download an app or stand on your head to make IRBfocus work for you. It serves up the best data wherever you need it to – in your home office, on the road, and on the case. Making your searches faster, more efficient, and effective, IRBfocus is designed exclusively for the investigative professional.

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IRB has the best data in the industry. Contact us to customize a pricing plan to make our service make sense for your business.