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The Golden Rule

You’ll get the best result by using just your subject’s social security number. However, if you don’t have SSN, you can provide name and city/state OR name and date of birth.

Note: Exclusions to this rule include the People At Work Search and Social Media Search, which include self-reported data tied closely to name, location, email address or phone number.

Report Organization

Comprehensive Reports are always some of our top reports because it gives you a 360-degree view of your subject. Organization is critical so the info isn’t overwhelming:

  • Drag and drop the results so the info you need most is at the top
  • Select which results you do and do not want in your report. If you don’t need info about second-and third-degree relatives or neighbors, take it out with one click.
  • View in Regular, Alternate and Classic view.
  • Export in many different file types, including Word, Excel and PDF. Bonus – the export retains changes to the order of the fields and selected data.

People at Work

Place of Employment/People at Work searches don’t follow typical rules. When searching for POE, search with name, city and state - NOT social security number. This way you get official AND self-reported data, like job information from LinkedIn and other sources.

Social Media Search

Usually investigators run the Social Media Search with an email address; however, if that doesn’t bring back the results you are looking for, try the search using your target’s phone number instead. Don't have a phone number or email address? You can also search by any combination of name, age range, location and username to find your subject.

Vehicle Sightings Search

Run the FREE Vehicle Sightings Preview Search to see if there are any hits - at no cost - prior to ordering the full report*.

  • By Vehicle: Ordering by tag number or VIN will allow you to see all locations where that vehicle has been sighted. (Added bonus: you get a free preview before ordering this report!)
  • By Address Search: Enter address to see vehicles sighted at that location. *Does not qualify for free preview search.

Utilities Search

Do you know their previous address, but need their current location? The Utilities Search is exactly what you’re looking for. Just put in their name and any known address to see where they are hooked up now.

Sometimes your target may not have utilities in their name, but here's a trick: Run your subject in a Person Search and look at "Household Match," which will return the name of their spouse, roommate, etc. Run the match's Person ID in the Utilities Search to find where their utilities are billed...and there's your subject's location.

Motor Vehicle Search

This is another vehicle search offering two additional ways to search:

  • Motor Vehicle Search: All vehicles registered to subject, currently and historically.
  • Real-time Motor Vehicle Search: Current vehicle registrations.

Criminal Searches and Reports

While searching by social security number typically gets the best results with this search, sometimes the source does not capture SSN. If an SSN is not returning the data you are looking for, try using name and date of birth.

Arrests & Incarceration Searches

Can’t find your subject anywhere? Try the Arrest and Incarceration Search. For the best results, enter the target’s name and one other key identifier, such as SSN, DOB or drivers license number.

Watchdog Service and Alerts

Don’t have time to constantly monitor your target’s arrest status? Sign up for Watchdog Alerts to get real-time 24/7 notifications so you always know if your subject is booked or arrested again.

Business Search and Report

Many companies have similar names. To make sure you have the right target, run a quick Business Search to get the company’s Business ID, then simply click on the business icon to run the report.

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