Safe, Secure, and Free!

The new Connections feature in the IRBsearch platform gives you the opportunity to join other professionals in your industry to share jobs and experiences, meet colleagues, and broaden your professional network. We know there are lots of options to link up professionally, but no other service has thousands of investigative professionals ready to connect. Here's the best part: it is absolutely FREE for IRBsearch users! Try out this new, value-added feature today and close more cases than ever.

Secure, Encrypted Communication

The Connections network is safe and secure. As an opted-in member of the network, only your company name, city, and state are shared with other vetted customers. You control every aspect of the experience and can opt-out of the network at any time. With two-step authorization, you can trust the security of your IRBsearch account.

The enhanced Message Center provides a secure, encrypted way to communicate with your Connections and other members of your company. It's safer than email and more secure than a phone call. The IRBsearch Message Center is completely encrypted — send videos, images, and sensitive data inside of the Message Center. Because of the layers of security in IRBsearch, you can be confident your information is safe and secure.

Get Connected!

Unlock your potential with IRBsearch! The full-service search platform gives you more searches, better data, and now — thousands of investigative contacts. The new Connections network allows you to link your company to other professionals. Share jobs, expertise, and referrals with the click of a button.

Ready to Get Started? Call us today at 1.800.447.2112, email us at or request an account online.

Your Trusted Partner

In our business, having the right data is only part of the recipe for success. Knowing who to rely on and who can be trusted is another important component. IRBsearch has been a trusted partner for tens of thousands of investigators for more than a decade. With IRBsearch and Connections, we are adding to your toolbox to help you close your case. If you don't have an IRBsearch account, click here to request one. Start connecting now!

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