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  •      We have streamlined our application process to get you to the data
    faster than ever before. Start the application online, sign it online, and
    provide the necessary documentation in our online compliance center.
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IRBfocus Express — Main Features


The new IRBfocus Express is easier to use and navigate. It works on every device, everywhere. Searches and reports are color-coded for ease and understanding. Take a look and see for yourself!

Administrative Features

Receive usage reports, view invoices, and pay your bill directly from IRBfocus Express. The new admin side of IRBfocus/Express gives you unlimited customization for your account and business.

Drag & Drop

IRBfocus Express puts you in the driver's seat with its advanced drag and drop feature. Take any criteria point from a result set and simply drag and drop it with other criteria points to craft your next search.



IRBfocus Express gives you the ability to access all reports directly, without a preliminary search. Unleash the power of IRBfocus Express and its multiple data feeds to complete your searches effectively.

Quick Application Process

Start the application process and after your account is vetted and the compliance process is complete, usually within 24 to 48 hours, you'll get instant access. More than 11 million sources, including all three credit bureaus, and 65 billion records right at your fingertips..


Advanced security gives you peace of mind with your IRBfocus Express account. A one-time use PIN is sent to you via text or email each and every time you login. IRBfocus Express protects you and your account data.

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