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Private Investigators

Private Investigators work everywhere and IRBsearch does too. No matter where you need to access information, IRB provides millions of records expertly linked and organized. Public records can be daunting. Let IRB do the heavy lifting for you.

Looking for someone or something? Our searches and reports contain the most up-to-date information available. With diverse search options, you have the power to make our online database work for you and your business. Discover the details about our search catalog or sign up for training services to learn more. Whether you do background searches or investigate fraud, IRB understands the PI industry. We support state and national professional associations and provide continuing education and training.

Process Servers

Serving of Process is a necessary tool for our legal system. The responsibilities of Process Servers are heavy — you need up-to-date, reliable information. We understand the industry. After nearly a decade of partnering with Process Servers, IRB has designed its offerings with the specific needs of serving.

The information gathered from IRB will make serving paper even easier. Up-to-date information means finding your subject once. We know time is important, with the Contact Plus Search, Motor Vehicle Search, and the Advanced Person Search — coupled with the always-popular Basic Person Search, you will uncover the details that you need to locate your subject. Process Servers have our support, as we sponsor and attend state and national association conferences.

Bail Bondsmen

A critical part of the criminal process, Bail Bondsmen serve an important purpose. The risk assumed by Bail Agents needs to have support, which is why IRBsearch and its full catalog of searches, services, and reports is a necessary tool.

IRBsearch provides information to combat fraud, snapshot background information, and confirm assets. With unique offerings like the Watchdog Service and Arrest and Incarceration Searches, IRB is the only provider of background information that specifically designs products used by this industry. We are proud supporters of PBUS, state, and local Bail associations.


The Repossession industry has boomed in recent years and the need for professional recovery agents continues to grow. IRBsearch understands the unique requirements for this industry — and has the data needed to back up repossession efforts. Our information can confirm last-known locations of subjects and their vehicles. From planes to cars to boats, IRB has the tools you need to do your job.

When assets are hidden, it can be difficult to uncover the best information to locate them. Enter IRBsearch and its searches and results. Our platform allows you to find where subjects and their assets are located. Background details, like relatives, associates, and neighbors, ensure you can uncover the vehicles you need to find.

Judgment Recovery

Judgment Recovery specialists understand that uncovering details in order to collect court judgments can be tricky. IRBsearch provides the background information you need to close the case. Start with details about the subject, confirm assets and their locations, and you'll be ahead of the pack.