IRBsearch & CROSStrax

We're teaming up to bring you a premier investigative tool

CROSStrax and IRBsearch have teamed up to bring you the best all-in-one investigative tool in the industry. CROSStrax's Investigative Case Management software has incorporated IRBsearch’s Skip Tracing Search platform into their application. Both platforms were designed by investigators for investigators. We are keenly aware of what the industry needs to conduct investigations and we take great pride in solving industry problems relative to technology. The best skip tracing data and the best case management software are now integrated… right at your fingertips!

IRBsearch offers the best data, at the best prices, with the most features! With IRBsearch, you’ll get a more efficient, extra secure, feature-rich skip tracing tool. Don’t waste time digging through old-fashioned reports with outdated information, choose IRBsearch to find the right person, business or asset with the first click.

CROSStrax is cloud-based case management and CRM software designed to streamline the process of managing an investigation as well as your clients who assign them. CROSStrax will assist your company in becoming more organized, efficient, and profitable with less effort.

Things CROSStrax Can Do For You

Email and Chat Integrated

CROSStrax integrates chat and email correspondence, saving your organization significant time re-entering already available information. Automated case creation saves additional time and administrative burden.

Upload Video, Audio, and Photos

With CROSStrax, your investigators will now upload video, audio, and photos that you can share with your clients and codec maintains the date and time stamp with no need for costly video production programs.

Defined Workflow Process

CROSStrax maintains a defined workflow process, allowing you to organize critical case information that will ensure best practices, ownership by involved stakeholders, accurate metrics, and overall better results.

Dynamic Billing

CROSStrax maintains integrated relationships with leading online data solutions. Download database reports and create professional invoices to get paid faster with dynamic billing features through Quickbooks.

Client Metric Reporting

CROSStrax client metric reporting ensures consistency of reporting with actionable data on each individual case ensuring accountability and enabling informed decisions.

Interactive and Shared Calendars

With CROSStrax, you’ll never miss another important event with interactive and shared calendars – you, your investigators, and your clients are now always on schedule.

Streamlined Dashboard

The CROSStrax dashboard allows users to easily navigate assignments. This will allow your staff the ability to easily identify current tasks, potential client problems, or assignments that require special attention and visibility.

One Click Reporting

With CROSStrax, you and your investigative staff have the luxury of generating investigative reports with one click, allowing you and your management staff to easily analyze performance to improve your agency.

100% Responsive Design

You can use CROSStrax wherever you work – on every device, in any location. Investigators can quickly add notes using their mobile phone or tablet, making travel that much easier. With that kind of flexibility, nothing will be missed from the case notes.

Optimized for Mobile Devices too!

Imagine having a mobile app where your investigators have access to case information, subject photos, and first-party GPS software so you know where and when your investigators are working and onsite.

Optimized for Mobile Devices too!

Imagine having a mobile app where your investigators have access to case information, subject photos, and first-party GPS software so you know where and when your investigators are working and onsite. CROSStrax with IRBsearch has it!

IRBsearch Features that Work for You

Responsive Design

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface that works everywhere you work - on every device, in any location. We work where you work and we never impose restrictions on an industry that is always on the move.

Administrative Features

Receive usage reports, view invoices, and pay your bill directly from IRBsearch. The new admin side of IRBsearch gives you unlimited customization for your account and business.


Advanced security gives you peace of mind with your IRBsearch account. With Multi-Factor Authentication and advanced controls, your account and sensitive information is always protected.

Duplicate Search Alert

Avoid the costly mistake of running duplicate searches. Get a quick warning when you run the same search within a 24-hour period!

Watchdog Service

WithOur Watchdog Service is a powerful search tool that lets you keep an eye on subjects 24/7. Watchdog alerts you via email if your subject’s phone number, address or arrest status changes.

Saved Searches

IRBsearch allows you to save your Searches and Reports for 90 days, that's three time longer than any other data provider. Don't waste time or money for data that expires before you close the case.

New 24/7 Search Monitoring Alerts

We’ve expanded our popular Watchdog Service! In addition to Arrest and Incarceration notifications, you can now receive alerts when your target has an updated address and/or phone number. Simply run an Advanced Person Search Plus on your subject and set how frequently you’d like to check for updates – daily, weekly, or monthly.

Flag & Compare

Search faster with quick search widgets designed for one-click access. This feature allows you to quickly identify and copmare your data results.

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