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Our History


Widen Your Search

Within four years, IRB had developed additional data sources and aggregation to offer the most comprehensive search catalog available to investigators. Stretching coast-to-coast, IRB customers signed up for the most powerful database in the industry.


Launching IRBmobile

Knowing that investigative work occurs everywhere, IRBsearch launches its first mobile app, IRBmobile, giving investigators the power of IRB in the palm of their hand. New searches and services are available to give the industry more insight into arrest and incarcerations.


IRBfocus Leads the Way

IRB gives power to the investigative industry with its new platform, IRBfocus. Combining industry best practices and slick design, IRBfocus works everywhere.

Our Story

Investigative professionals have been at the heart of our business since our launch in 2001. Founded by private investigators with more than fifty years of experience, IRBsearch provides access to the highest quality data and the most current information available. Our founders have their roots in investigations and big data, a powerful combination that led to the advancement of online research for investigators.

By working inside of credit agencies, like Equifax and TransUnion, our leadership team understood both the intricacies of the data world and the needs of investigators. Knowing that technology was more than a new-millennium buzzword, IRB capitalized on cutting-edge advancements to open access to public records. We were one of the first online databases available to investigators — a fact that we're proud of. IRB feels a responsibility to continuously deliver value to the industry we love.

Over the years, IRB brought together the best and brightest minds in technology and investigations to deliver an online resource with uncompromising accuracy. We continue to partner with state associations, industry leaders, and local professionals to serve private investigators, process servers, bail bondsmen, judgment recovery, fugitive recovery, and repossession specialists. With IRBfocus, our company provides the next-generation search tool. See it first hand, apply today or get in touch with us for more information.

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Meet Our Team

Tony Del Vecchio

John A. (Tony) Del Vecchio

The business mind behind IRB, Tony has served at the helm of tech firms and state agencies. Tony has been developing and deploying enterprise data systems for over 30 years. Big Data is his sweet spot.

Jim Harris

Jim Harris

An active investigator, Jim is the heart behind IRB. An unclaimed property guru, he has more than four decades of investigative expertise that propels IRB.

Bob Jones

Bob Jones

Managing the technical direction of IRB, Bob brings decades of experience developing applications and complex operational platforms.

Kathryn Tadder

Kathryn Tadder
Director of Operations  

Making the wheels turn smoothly, Kathryn brings financial, accounting, and entrepreneurial experience to the financial and customer service teams.

Mark Gainous

Mark Gainous
Sales Manager  

Bringing years of sales experience to the team, Mark understands the importance of new customer relations.

Jeff Evans

Jeff Evans
Customer Care Manager  

Combining years of experience in customer service and technical troubleshooting, Jeff helps to ensure that every IRB client's experience is the best it can possibly be.

Jay Heath

Jay Heath
Creative Director  

As a designer, Jay has 20+ years experience creating the strategy, concepts and designs for advertising campaigns, brands and innovative website experiences.

IRB has the best data in the industry. Contact us to customize a pricing plan to make our service make sense for your business.